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About Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapists are registered under private Medical funds, as the work is considered proven, beneficial and supported by Medical and Dental Practitioners. Many referrals are made to Hypnotherapists from Doctors and Psychologists.

It is proven to reduce stress, and stress hormones –

This makes you feel better AND it helps you to actually lose weight. 

Stress is now linked to up to 60% of ALL disease.

Clinical Hypnotherapy will also lower blood pressure, assist in pain blocks / management, improves sleep, can change formed behaviour responses (habits), increases your immune system, fertility success, pregnancy and birth. Concentration, study and all forms of performance enhancement. Phobias of all types, bed wetting, anxiety, skin conditions, Menopause relief, IBS, pre and postoperative to name just a few.


So how does it all work?

If you want the simple version.. to cut straight to the core – the real deal on Clinical Hypnotherapy is all about relaxing you, releasing built up stress; so we can instruct and talk directly to your master control room – your subconscious mind.

This part of the mind deals with your unconscious actions – the things you just do automatically. It is the master controller, effortlessly conducting a magnificent symphony – commanding every function of your body to respond in perfect pitch and harmony.

As you can see the subconscious is really where all the magic happens a direct mind body link. SWIFT RESULTS taps into this powerful direct mind /body link using up-to-date Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques and tools, resulting in real change for you so you can achieve your goals… quickly and easily.

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