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hypnosis at home

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Telehealth Appointments

Consultatons via Telehealth, which is a way to provide Hypnotherapy Sessions, virtually. It uses technology (like computers and mobile phones, with internet) to connect from any location.
The appointment happens in a similar way as it would in person. This can be, over phone or internet. Many people are using this option at this time, for Weightloss, Stop Smoking and Anxiety.


Weightloss Hypnosis Sessions completed in your own time,
at home

Now you can enrol in the 4 week Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Program, from the comfort of your own home.  Receive your Workbook, and Hypnosis sessions via email. 

This Weightloss course is 
designed to help you take control of emotional eating, turn up metabolism, and increase confidence and motivation to achieve your weightloss goals.

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