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I tried almost everything to Quit Smoking countless times.

Was sceptical about hypnotherapy but i tried everything else so i new i had nothing to lose, i just would be where i was before i walked in. But i walked out a non smoker, just hasnt really occurred to me to want to smoke since actually.. got on with my life and feels like im living a whole new chapter, but with more money and more energy crazy thing is, if i think about it, it was only 8 days ago since my appointment with Leanne.

Shannan C.

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program

has help me lose 14 kgs. I was 123kg, now down to 109kg, and I feel great.

John S.

Smoke Free for 635 days and $22,000 better off each.

We are still Smoke Free, thank you, 

Michelle & Amanda

I had such great results through the hypnotherapy.

I lost 15kg, the key was reprogramming my mind to know that I deserved to feel and look fantastic. I ended up doing a physique photoshoot and have never felt better.

Rebecca M.

In 4 weeks, I have lost 10kg
I booked in with Leanne to have the Virtual Gastric Band sessions. I've been overweight for such a long time & tried just about everything. I could never do this on my own. Leanne is so professional, caring and a really nice lady. The hour sessions with her are confidential, very comfortable & relaxing & all about helping me meet my goals. 7 weeks on, I'm still losing kg & I feel great. No pills, no missing meals, so easy. Thank you Leanne thank you.

Patti B.

I have been Smoke Free from the moment I walked out of my session and have now reached 2weeks and 2days. You still need to make the choice to quit but Leanne takes care of the rest. The experience Leanne creates is comfortable and allows you to really enjoy the journey of being smoke free. You have changed my life Leanne, Awesome experience.

Tate H.

It's hard to find the words to express just how much Leanne has helped me.
After 20+ years seeing Psychologists and attending 12 month long therapy courses, Leanne gave me the tools to finally Let Go of everything that has been weighing me down all these years!
I am no longer reliving past events in my head over and over, I'm looking after myself and I feel so much Joy that it's hard for me to reconcile. I keep pinching myself waiting for the other shoe to drop but this is it. This is the 'Me' that has been hiding inside waiting to get out and fill my life with love. Thank you Leanne! And a big thank you from my kids too! I'm sure they're enjoying this stress free mum as much as I am :)

Rach Y.

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program

has help me lose 14 kgs. I was 123kg, now down to 109kg, and I feel great.

John S.

AMAZING results...

I have lost 15 kilos in 3 months and still losing weight.

Wendy D.

I have not touched or barely even thought about a Smoke since I saw Leanne in February for help to Quit Smoking.  I have not touched or barely even thought about a smoke since! She is very easy to relax and open up to and also very understanding. I loved her methods and found them thorough & the best hypnosis Ive had done.

Nicole L.

The first visit, I knew my life was going to change. I was so unhappy being over weight. I felt so positive when I left that first visit and I just knew things were going to change, I cried happy tears.

Carolyn S.

From Nov 8th up to Jan 8th i have lost 8.5kg thanks to the help of Leanne i am so happy and i know that i wouldn't of been able to achieve this without her. Leanne not only helped me lose weight but also get rid of the baggage i was carrying around that led me to over eat i am aiming to lose another 4-6kgs and i know this is possible i have never been happier in my own skin again if you're thinking that you need help just reach out YOU WILL NOT LOOK BACK.

Tracey H.

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