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 The Success Accelerators 

Hypnosis Training Program - 4 weeks Online
Rewire Your Mind, to achieve Your Goals

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that allows us access to the subconscious mind so we can bring about real change.

It is now a proven scientific fact that we can change our brain patterns and thoughts, through positive suggestions.

How will your life change, when you tap into
your Minds true potential ?

Step into the Success of Being You ! 


Are you an Entrepreneur, Network Marketer,
Sales Professional, Business Owner?


Would you like to:-


  • Experience more confidence, motivation and energy,

  • Train your brain to achieve your Goals,

  • Rewire your Mind for success, 

  • Turn Procrastination into Motivation 

  • Take more action towards your dreams and desires ?

Limiting Beliefs


Self Belief &


to Motivation


Creative Visualisation
& Abundance



Join Today

Your Brain
for Success


Take More
Action towards
your Goals

Be More
& Productive

Creative an Abundance

You can create more success in your life by training your Brain for Success, creating new neural pathways, new thoughts, which lead to better and more positive behaviours.

  • Have you ever felt that if you could more successfully, direct your concentration and focus, you would achieve more for yourself?

  • When you learn more about your own mind – you can discover how you can control your emotions, and your creativity.

  • Have you ever wanted to take more action on an idea or project, but not known how to keep up your focus and drive?

  • You can learn more about, and have the ability, to control your own emotions and mind, whilst override any negative habits and emotions, that keep getting in your way.



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Hi, Im Leanne . . .

The creator of “The Success Accelerator”
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Rapid Results Coach for over 10 years


What if today was the day that you stepped into the New You ?

I believe your transformation can be RAPID, Easy and longlasting !

How do I know this ? Because I've helped 1000’s of other people over the past 10 years, achieve their goals.

Its called Transformational Coaching using wonderful Mind Management tools and Clinical Hypnotherapy.  


You can move forward faster, towards living and achieving your goals and dreams.

If you are feeling stuck, and unmotivated, you have be operating on an old outdated patterns, unsupportive mindset or and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

I help you release old beliefs, and mental and emotional blocks, whilst training your brain for success, creating new neural pathways, to help You step confidently in the direction of your dreams.

If you are struggling with, feelings of unworthiness, and/or not “enough”, I encourage you to make a life changing choice today, and join us for the The Success Accelerator. 


See you on the inside, I promise, it will be life-changing.

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