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you have just taken the first step towards permanent change.

Hypnotherapy can

be effective in treating a range of

Medical and Psychological issues

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the field in

In Clinic or Online

Too much of the wrong stress in the body

will unleash not only unwanted actions and reactions but also a real cocktail of hormones creating all sorts of mayhem in the body.

60% of ALL DISEASE is now linked to stress. 

The Virtual Gastric Band
(seen on TV)

You can lose weight,
without dieting, 
or deprived.

We help you gain the motivation and handle the emotional eating triggers to create a healthier living pattern.

You can become Smoke

FREE easily & naturally.​​

  • No weight gain

  • Eliminate cravings

  • Reduce stress

  • Think better thoughts

  • Get control

  • Be healthier & happier

  • Improve confidence and self-belief

  • Remove negative thoughts 

  • Increase motivation 

  • Use deep relaxation and concentration to imagine success

  • Maintain composure & overcome distractions.

Hypnosis is a gentle and POWERFUL way to discard any limiting beliefs you may have and harness the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goals.  It can also help you change attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.

More Solutions

Confidence , Self Esteem, Depression

Obesity, Food Addictions, Diabetes, PTSD

Blood Pressure, The Virtual Gastric Band

Fertility, Pregnancy Health, Addictions,

Quit Smoking IBS, Insomnia, Fears & Phobias


I have been able to kick my food addictions, and stop comfort eating. Now I have reduced my weigh by 10kgs. I had previously struggled with my blood sugar levels, but now Im feeling great.

Thank you for helping me live a happier and more relaxed life! I love hypnotherapy, it has helped me enjoy life more. Before I would've experienced high anxiety levels. I am much calmer which has helped my IBS.

Im happy to say I am now smoke Free after 10 years. I am feeling great, with no urges or cravings. Hypnosis worked for me.

Im so pleased I have Quit Smoking, once and for all. I have more energy and I am exercising again. Im still surprised how easy it was, and I wish I found Hypnotherapy earlier.

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